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Lagos State Ministry Of Transportation Announces Traffic Diversion For Rail Mass Transit

Lagos State Ministry Of Transportation Announces Traffic Diversion For Rail Mass Transit

In line with the construction of the Lagos Rail Mass Transit (blue line), the State Government will be diverting the traffic flow along the National theatre/Marina axis of the road from Monday, 9th August, 2021 for a duration of about 221 days (7months, 1 week).

The Commissioner for Transportation, Dr. Frederic Oladeinde in a statement released by the Ministry, assured that a robust Traffic Management Plan has been prepared to ensure safety of motorists and construction personnel during the course of the construction, adding that the T.M.P will address the impact of the construction work on traffic and subsequently eliminate traffic related issues.

Oladeinde explained that the construction will commence on the Right hand side of the road for a duration of 116 days while the left hand side will take 182 days. He further stated that some of the works will be done simultaneously as some aspect of the construction would require such attention.

Motorists will be diverted to the descending ramp of Ebute-Ero to link Marina ring road through a diversion point. Alternately, traffic will be diverted to Chapel Street along Apongbon to access Broad Street.

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The Commissioner stated that Traffic signs and temporary barriers will be mounted along the affected axis to guide motorists on movement during the course of the construction, adding that the Lagos state Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) will be on ground to ensure safety of motorists and efficient access to their destinations.

The State Government commends Lagosians for their endurance and cooperation during the execution of these numerous projects, assuring that the end result of these sacrifices will be a Lagos that is conducive for seamless commercial activities and existence of relevant transport infrastructure to meet the needs of the teeming population.

Dr. Frederic Oladeinde
Honourable Commissioner for Transportation
3rd August, 2021

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