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Thousands Gather To Celebrate The End Of Benjamin Netanyahu’s 12-year Reign As Prime Minister

Thousands Gather To Celebrate The End Of Benjamin Netanyahu’s 12-year Reign As Prime Minister

It’s the beginning of a new reign in Israel after parliament voted on Sunday to approve a new government. Thousands of protesters gathered at Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square to celebrate the end of Benjamin Netanyahu’s 12-year reign as prime minister.

Naftali Bennett a former aide to Mr. Netanyahu becomes the new Prime Minister.

The “historic change” of a new government was a direct result of the anti-Netanyahu protest. “It is the time for unity among the people. For a government that will work for the citizens, will mend the rifts and put an end to the incitement and divide and conquer mentality of the era of Netanyahu,” according to protest organization Crime Minister.

Moshe (Boogie) Ya’alon; the former defense minister who addressed the victory protesters also confirmed that the new government is as a result of the anti-Netanyahu protests which were held across the country.

“Friends, you did it. You did this when you were attacked as traitors, anarchists, and disease spreaders. You did so even when the mainstream media ignored the protests,” he said. “If the government is replaced tomorrow, I can say that this is the longest hostage rescue operation I have participated in. The protest movement has become the main tool for saving Israeli democracy and the future of the State of Israel, you are the pillar of fire before the camp,” says Ya’alon.

Israel’s Parliament, approved the new government by a narrow vote of 60 to 59, with one abstention.

Naftali Bennett will be sworn in as the country’s first new leader in more than a decade. Bennett who opposes a Palestinian state may be replaced after two years by Yair Lapid; a centrist leader.

Congratulations Israel!



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