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Arie Luyendyk And His Wife Welcome Newborn Twins, Boy & Girl

Arie Luyendyk And His Wife Welcome Newborn Twins, Boy & Girl

There is nothing quite as exciting as waiting for the arrival of a new baby not to talk of twins. As the due date gets closer and closer, you’ll look for every way to announce, pamper and welcome this new boy or girl or even twins into your world.  Lauren and Arie are overjoyed as they welcome their set of twins.

The couple shared this great news via their Instagram page saying that the @lyendyktwins are here! Wow!!! What great news for a beautiful day like this.

Twins have always attracted special attention, being the unique situation of receiving two children at the same time. Twins shares their entire life with a sibling, and they are known for developing close bonds. Throughout history, many cultures have even developed the idea that twins share psychic bonds that make them closer than other siblings, friends, and family. Because of the uniqueness of twins, many people have had interesting things to say about the concept and situation of twins.

Lauren and Ariel’s love story began during the Bachelor TV reality show and as God will have his way they ended up as husband and wife. The union has produced a girl and now they have a boy and a girl💃💃💃

Twins are seen as a huge responsibility but are also a great bundle of joy. You two will handle all the challenges that come with raising them because I know how determined you are.

It is our prayer that your newborn babies grow up to be different and unique in all ways. You deserve all the happiness in the world.

Congratulations Lauren and Arie


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