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Odumeje Set To Release Powers To Get Nigeria Out Of Inflation


Odumeje Set To Release Powers To Get Nigeria Out Of Inflation

Controversial Nigerian clergyman Chukwuemeka Cyril Ohanaemere, better known as Odumeje aka Indaboski Bahose, has sparked massive online reactions with a recent video of himself and Flavour.

A viral clip where Odumeje was seen talking about helping Nigeria and finding a lasting solution to the country’s problems has gone viral.

The clergyman was seen in the viral clip with popular singer Flavour, where both were conversing.

Odumeje told Flavour exactly how he intends to confront the inflation in the country. He noted that it was now time for him to tap directly from the high tension of his powers. During the conversation, Odumeje listed out all of his supernatural powers, including Abido Shaker, Gandusa Ganduja, and Indaboski Bahose. He noted that his fight against inflation would be an epidemic, pandemic, pandemonium and a catastrophe.

You will all agree with me that inflation in Nigeria is one thing that goes up but rarely ever comes down. Unless a miracle happens and Prophet Odumeje is here to bring us the power that will reduce our inflation. We are patiently waiting for this miracle.

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