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Yul Edochie Preaches Against Hate And Wickedness From The Heart


Yul Edochie Preaches Against Hate And Wickedness From The Heart

Nollywood actor and gospel minister, Yul Edochie has encouraged his fans and followers to desist from hate and wickedness.

He encouraged Nigerians to replace their anger, evil, and bitterness with love on his Instagram page in order to make this week fruitful.

Yul Edochie prayed that everyone would have an abundance of benefits and that everything they come into contact with this week will succeed.

His words: “As you remove hate,
bitterness, wickedness from your heart & replace it with love, your week shall be
blessed. Everything you touch this week shall prosper and uncountable blessings shall follow you in Jesus mighty name, Amen.”

The Bible speaks often of the heart, usually in reference to our spiritual state. The heart is the center of our being, where our thoughts and emotions originate. It’s no wonder, then, that God is so concerned with our hearts! A clean heart is essential to a right relationship with God.

Live with Purpose, Love with Passion. Remember to be happy

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