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Omah Lay Gets Emotional On New Single, ‘Understand’

Omah Lay Gets Emotional On New Single, ‘Understand’

Music they say is the moonlight in the gloomy night of life.  Rising Nigerian pop star Omah Lay shares the emotional “Understand,” his first solo release of 2021, out today on KeyQaad Records. On “Understand,” Omah Lay finds himself in deep reflection about romance, wondering why his beloved seems less invested in their relationship than him.

In a reunion with Tempoe, who produced last year’s breezy, introspective smash hit “Godly,” Omah Lay’s strengths as a songwriter and vocalist are in full bloom. “I enter rain ‘coz I give you umbrella / I thought we in this together,” he sings in disbelief. “Give you my last card you spend am.” His silky vocals carry so much emotion—even when submerged beneath the soothing, hypnotic production, you can feel every bit of hurt and confusion in his voice.

“It was a tough one to record and I hope the fans listen, understand and connect with it,” he explains, adding poignantly, “Most importantly, I hope she listens.”

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Omah Lay most recently featured on the Masterkraft remix of Justin Bieber’s chart-topping “Peaches,” with Alpha P, a fellow Nigerian upstart. Bieber, who is a fan of Omah Lay’s, personally reached out to invite him onto the remix.

Last year, he released two EPs, Get Layd and What Have We Done, the latter of which features the 6LACK-featuring “Damn.” In the wake of recent tragedy, Omah Lay used his platform as an artist to bring awareness to the #EndSARS movement in Nigeria, speaking with Teen Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar about the situation and ways to support the affected communities. “Understand” shows that all these textured, introspective singles are just the start for Omah Lay — 2021 is set to be his year.

Congratulations Omah, we love you.

Source: PulseNg

Listen to the song below;


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