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Radio Station Sets Out To Give 10,000 People Job By Christmas


Radio Station Sets Out To Give 10,000 People Job By Christmas

“Not having a job is the hardest work in the world.” — Whitney M.

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The rate of unemployment all over the world is alarming. One influential radio host in Cape Town is trying to do something about the somber statistics in South Africa as the unemployment rate is rising daily.

Ryan O’Connor of Smile FM has launched an ambitious effort to help 10,000 unemployed Capetonians find productive jobs before December 25 in order to ensure that thousands more families celebrate Christmas this year.

With the assistance of Cape Town Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis and Leelyn Management, a business dedicated to developing leaders and boosting South Africa’s economy by assisting the unemployed in their job search, Smile FM and Ryan O’Connor will fight the battle against unemployment in Cape Town over the course of the next 12 weeks. The program aims to increase jobs in the city and put more food on more Capetonians’ tables.

This program has the potential to transform not only the lives of the individuals who find job, but also the lives of their families in a nation with an alarmingly high unemployment rate. This program will have a significant influence and transform Capetonians’ lives in incalculable ways.

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According to O’Connor, 10,000 may seem like a big amount to many local residents, but he is committed to making sure the campaign is successful.

Both O’Connor and Hill-Lewis are working to change the existing quo; they are urging nearby companies to support the movement and job seekers to take advantage of the resources at their disposal.

Regarding the task at hand, Hill-Lewis remarked, “It’s an ambitious number, but it’s definitely worth it.”

I’m sure that this will go down as Cape Town’s all-time best season. The number of job openings for those in need will increase as the holiday season gets underway, especially in sectors like tourism, hospitality, and retail.

Additionally, according to Smile FM’s managing director Lois O’Brien, the station is “proud to be able to leverage our network and audience to connect deserving job seekers with employers, improving the lives of families all across the Cape Town metropole.”

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