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Residents Scoop Content As Tanker Overturns At Ojuelegba In Lagos 

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Residents Scoop Content As Tanker Overturns At Ojuelegba In Lagos 

A tanker laden with oil has overturned in the Ojuelegba area of Lagos on Friday. Despite the inherent danger, some residents of the area were spotted scooping the contents of the truck which spilled into the road. 

Emergencies authorities, however, said no casualties were recorded and efforts are in top gear to clear the area.

According to them,  “both driver and assistant escaped unhurt and in good hands at the scene of the accident”.

While giving details about the incident, it said: “A 33,000 litres tanker with registration number AAL 250 ZY conveying engine oil accidentally upturned while ascending the Dorman Long Bridge and spilt its content.

“Mopping up exercise is ongoing as chemical foam compound is been expended to neutralise the oil components from resulting in the secondary incident,” it added.

“Efforts are on the way to move in earth-moving equipment to recover the tanker as a backlog of traffic builds up beyond Ojuelegba Bridge.”

Members of the public are asked to refrain from scooping petrol because many Nigerians are going to their early graves due to carelessness of scooping.

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