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RMD Exposes Christianity’s Hypocrisy


RMD Exposes Christianity’s Hypocrisy

Hypocrisy has been identified by Nollywood veteran Richard Mofe-Damijo (RMD) as one of the main problems facing the church.

During his appearance as a guest on Teju Babyface’s King of Talks podcast, the actor expressed his unusual beliefs regarding God and Christianity.

“My idea of Christ in today’s world and how we should embrace him is probably not very traditional. But I think the Lord says ‘That’s why I brought you here.’ so I stir quite a bit of controversy everywhere I speak. I think that I am appointed for a time like this, to do it unconventionally,” he said.

“Someone was telling me about someone doing a podcast about faith and stardom and I said I’d love to do that. Why? Because of the way Christians are wired. We were wired to think that the spirit of excellence should not be in you being a distiller. They thing that a distiller of whiskey shouldn’t be called a Christian. Why? It’s a craft,” he said.

RMD emphasised that the essence of Christianity is for Christians to be able to come just as they are to the church.

He said, “People built boats in the period that Christ lived. People owned vineyards and produced all the best wines in the area at the time. If they wanted to be followers of Christ, they could. That’s the whole essence of following Christ. Come as you are.”

“People are meant to come as they are. You can’t stop people from coming to Christ the way that they are. it’s when they come that their renewal starts. So let them come and then function in the societies where they find themselves in a way that can bring people to Christ without being hypocritical. I think that’s one of the biggest problems of today’s church. It’s hypocrisy,” he concluded.

The Bible tells us that a hypocrite is someone who puts on a mask and pretends to be something he is not. Hypocrisy is to claim to know and follow certain beliefs but to behave in a way that counteracts those beliefs. While we should have the wisdom to discern words and actions that do not match, we also need to remember that God is the ultimate judge of character.

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