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Singer Simi Blames Police For “Counselling” A Man Who Was Arrested After Sharing His Daughter’s Explicit Photos Online


Singer Simi Blames Police For “Counselling” A Man Who Was Arrested After Sharing His Daughter’s Explicit Photos Online

The Nigeria Police have come under fire from well-known Nigerian singer-songwriter Simi for claiming to “counsel” Musa Suleman, the man who was detained for posting lewd pictures of his 4-year-old daughter Sarah Suleman, a child model, online.

In response to a user named X who alerted him to the obscene act on Sunday, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, the Public Relations Officer for the Nigeria Police Force, revealed that the parent had been taken into custody.

The PFRO wrote, “This is an act of indecency and exposing the young child to moral dangers. The PPRO of Edo Command will take it up and counsel the parents rather than prosecute them. Many of us don’t know the implications of what we do. We will educate them, and many alike. This kind of a thing will expose the girl to the rots in our system and moral dangers. Not in all cases we prosecute, there is a room for ADR and CSR in our duties, and we shall be adopting such. @EdoPoliceNG, @PoliceNG.”

Reacting, Simi faulted the police for choosing to counsel the parents instead of persecution.

She wrote, “You want to ‘counsel’ parents that blatantly and repeatedly s3xually exploit a baby??? A four year old child!!! Wtf is going on?????? Omg.

”It’s terrifying that they were able to exploit and abuse that baby so publicly, at all, in the first place. She’s just a baby. Wow. I hear they have him in police custody and she’s been taken from him. I hope he’s prosecuted to the full extent of whatever law remains. Grateful that someone good caught it and stopped it before it was much too late to do anything for her too”.

Abuse manipulates and twists a child’s natural sense of trust and love. Her innocent feelings are belittled or mocked and she learns to ignore her feelings.

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