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Some Senators Have Gotten N2m ‘Token’ – Senator Ningi


Some Senators Have Gotten N2m ‘Token’ – Senator Ningi

Senator Abdul Ningi has stated that some senators have received N2 million as holiday money, although he has yet to receive his.

Recall that Senate President Godswill Akpabio was caught on camera during plenary on Tuesday, August 8, telling Senators to expect a “token” to allow them to enjoy their recess.

“In order to enable all of us to enjoy our holidays, a token has been sent to our various accounts by the Clerk of the National Assembly,” Akpabio said just as the lawmakers finished the ministerial screening.

His remark sparked reactions from Nigerians, with many criticizing the Senators for living extravagantly at a time when many Nigerians are struggling and dealing with the economic hardship caused by the loss of gasoline subsidies.

Senator Ningi of the main opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) verified to Channels TV that some lawmakers received allowances, as stated by Akpabio.

“Nothing has come to my account yet. I heard that some Senators got N2m but for me, nothing yet. Hopefully [I would get], when they tidy up things,” he said.

Senator Ningi, who represents Bauchi Central in the Senate, slammed Senator Akpabio’s remark, calling it unprecedented.

“Some of these things, if they happen, you don’t broadcast it the way he did. I think it is a huge embarrassment to the Senate President as a person and to the institution of the National Assembly. The Senate President should have gone further to say what the allowances are for. How did he come about the allowances? Who gave the allowances? Is it part of the remuneration?”

Senator Ningi said that people are upset about the comment, and he, like many Nigerians, finds it “difficult to take.”

“I don’t know what N2m would do for a holiday. I find it very difficult to understand what this money is for,” he said.

He claims that when the senators return to work, they will need to know what the money is for because they do not receive a recess allowance.

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