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Speaking Out, Dora Kayode Addresses Claims Of Paternity Fraud

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Speaking Out, Dora Kayode Addresses Claims Of Paternity Fraud

In response to the accusations of paternity fraud brought against her, Dora Ezinne Kayode has made some startling disclosures.

She made it clear that no DNA testing was done to establish their children’s paternity. She also claimed that her husband suffered from mental instability. The Nigerian football player Kayode Olanrewaju’s wife Dora was accused of having an affair with Tobi Adegboyega, a preacher in the United Kingdom. Dora and her family are really distressed by these claims.

Dora wrote a cease-and-desist letter to her husband in reaction to the claims that Kayode is not the biological father of their three children based on results from DNA testing. She admonished him to cease circulating untrue tales about her.

Dora emphasized that no such test was ever carried out on their children and expressed her willingness to undergo a DNA test to prove her innocence. She also highlighted the emotional toll these false claims have taken on their children, who have been left traumatized.

Her caption on the post reads;

“Honestly, I am soo soo tired of this man’s nonsense, and it has to stop now. I knew he was not mentally stable when he pulled out a knife on me some months ago, but to go as far as ruining the lives of innocent kids is way too far.

Kayode, I didn’t think you would go that low.

I have kept quiet on all the rumours you have been spreading because they are baseless, childish and false. But you include innocent children? No, NOW I MUST speak.

I have never sold any of my properties or cars and given the proceeds to any Pastor, Bishop or Imam in this world. Infact, ALL the rumours this mentally disturbed young man, Kayode is sharing online are all FALSE.

The last couple of years in this marriage have been like hell on earth. I am so drained, in pain and I just honestly pray this ordeal is all over soon. I do not wish this kind of abuse and oppression on ANY woman anywhere in the world. If your story is similar to mine, run away from that man, leave that marriage, you are not stuck! And I pray that God will heal you and send helpers your way like he has to me.”

In life, it is only a woman that can tell who the father of her children is and she also has the legal obligation to tell the correct man. Both parties should put their differences aside and see how they can settle their dispute.

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