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Terry G Says That Burna Boy Is Currently The Biggest Artist In Nigeria


Terry G Says That Burna Boy Is Currently The Biggest Artist In Nigeria

Gabriel Oche Amanyi, better known by his stage name Terry G, is a controversial musician who has stuck to his claim that Burna Boy, the celebrity singer, is currently the biggest Nigerian artist.

In a statement on his official Twitter account, he stated that Ayodeji Balogun, better known by his stage name Wizkid, is the greatest Nigerian musician of all time.

According to the “Akpako Master,” who appeared to be taking sides in the ongoing feud between Davido and Wizkid, Machala has achieved legendary status.

Terry G wrote; “Muthaf**k the Big 3, nxgga it’s just Big Wiz… n*gga bum!!! Wiz is him. Not posting Wiz to chase clout, just reminiscing all he’s done for the culture!!! I’m contented with what I have worked for lol… but he’s him, I repeat!!!

“Concerning what I said on Honest Bunch Podcast that was posted few weeks ago, my take still stands. Yeah currently, Burna is the biggest, but when it comes to all timer, I’ll give it to Wiz… y’all can’t deny the works and the legendary status he built for himself… WIZ is him!”

Everyone has their own favorite when it comes to music. But one thing I know for sure is that all musicians are unique in their own way.

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