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Yemi Alade Kicks Out Against House Demolition In Lagos


Yemi Alade Kicks Out Against House Demolition In Lagos

The Lagos State Government has come under fire from singer Yemi Alade for demolishing several homes in Maryland.

The ‘Johnny’ crooner bemoaned the fact that residents were being made homeless over night by the government, which was making life harder for them.

Additionally, she stated that the state’s continuous demolition is having a detrimental impact on the real estate industry and is turning away investors.

Speaking in a video message that she posted on Instagram

Alade said: “Lagos State, what’s going on? Does it make sense that people will invest millions of naira and dollars into real estate; buy houses and lands and the State Government will demolish the place and render people homeless overnight?

“This thing is happening repeatedly. Right now, Maryland, Mende area is on fire. People are sleeping in their houses, waking up the next day, homeless.”

“You’re ruining the real estate value of the state and country, making people lose trust not only just in the idea of Nigeria but lose hope entirely in the little coins they saved to make their lives worthwhile. How is this okay? Why why?”

Meanwhile, the Lagos State Commissioner of Environment and Water Resources, Tokunbo Wahab, has explained the reason for the ongoing demolition of houses in Mende, Maryland and other parts of the State.

According to him, the houses being demolished were built on drainage channels.

On his social media handle, Wahab wrote: “We also visited Mende Villa, Maryland where the Developer initially claimed there was a drainage approval on the property. The Directors who were in the know of what transpired at the time, were invited to speak on the issue but confirmed that the Developer was given temporary and conditional approval to leave a 20m setback from the edge of System 1 but he encroached on the setback thereby obstructing the flow of rainwater.”

“However, by the magnanimity of Governor @jidesanwoolu, the ROW was approved to be reduced to 100 meters from 140 and spread on a 60/40 basis ( 60 Mende /40 Ogudu) instead of the initial 140 sitting on the Mende side. The instruction to immediately continue the removal of all structures on the alignment has been given to the enforcement team after the 1st notice to remove was served on them in 2021 and the last notice was served in November 2023 after the meeting with the stakeholders.”

I support Yemi Alade on this one. Demolishing people’s houses at this critical time is not auspicious for such an exercise knowing the hardship in the land and the consequences it will have on the poor who are struggling to make ends meet with their little resources.

People are going through alot and we implore the government that they should please not add to people’s pain. Most of the properties being demolished are the lifetime savings and retirement abodes of the aged amongst us.

Live with Purpose, Love with Passion. Remember to be happy

One ❤️❤️❤️

Rose Ajieh

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