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Three People Shot On Rapper Lil Baby’s Music Video Set


Three People Shot On Rapper Lil Baby’s Music Video Set

Three people have been shot following the shooting at popular American rapper Lil Baby’s music set in Atlanta on Tuesday afternoon.

The shooting started with what sounded like a semi-automatic weapon firing relentlessly for about six seconds while dozens of staffers and people were setting up filming equipment.

The cameraman ducked for cover and the video got shaky as he pointed the lens towards the ground, but the background conversation fills in some of the blanks.

A group of men apparently pretended to film a music video or other content nearby, and then they fired shots from a white car before fleeing.

They are heard being praised for their deceit by someone who is not on video, saying the shooters “played it smooth.”

Not too long after the first shooting, there are further gunshots, but someone tells the man to put his gun aside because the attackers have already left and he is wasting ammunition by firing at nothing.

Following reports of gunfire near Atlanta’s Verbena Street commercial district, police discovered a male individual, 24, who appeared to have been shot in the arm and a male individual, 27, who appeared to have been shot in the back.

A 23-year-old man was also found by the police, and he drove himself to the hospital after suffering a neck gunshot wound.

According to reports, Lil Baby was uninjured and all of them had non-life-threatening injuries.

Local business owner Chasity Roman of Slapping Tacos ATL took a picture of the 4PF rapper showing up just before the mayhem broke out.

At this point, investigators are looking into any potential motive for the shooting.

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