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Davido Talks About Abandoning His Attorney Due To $370,000 Theft


Davido Talks About Abandoning His Attorney Due To $370,000 Theft

The Grammy-nominated Nigerian Afrobeats musician David Adeleke, better known by his stage name Davido, has refuted rumors that he fired his longtime buddy and attorney Bobo Ajudua due to embezzlement.

According to Naija News, renowned journalist Stella Dimoko Korkus said on social media that Davido fired his attorney Bobo for stealing $370,000. She claimed that although Bobo had long-standing issues with fund management with Davido, the singer was the last to notice the issues before deciding to fire him.

The singer responded to the news by refuting the allegations of financial misappropriation and asserting that their friendship remains intact despite their former partnership being terminated.

Sharing a screenshot of the report via his Instagram account, he wrote: “This was not the case at all! We are still very good friends! In business things evolve and change all the time! Please everyone disregard this narrative.”

In response, Stella threatened to share evidence of Davido’s recent conversation with a close friend regarding the incident.

She wrote, “Davido I dont really wanna do this with you but this is a big lie….. Someone you told God will punish on whatsapp just now? Someone that has been begging to be forgiven but you refused? Your father told you to dney this some minutes ago…. The Lawyer even told you to go and read what Stella posted…

“Did you sack him becos of what i posted or not?Are you people good friends? OK PROVE IT!!! I have screenshots so dont push me to post, i am not out to be messy today please….. No be who be celebrity talk true pass, abeg no spoil my work you hear?

“If you like do another denial…. You didnt respond when all those Ladies were dragging you and lying that you impregnated them but nah me wey write true you respond to….Well done!”

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