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Timi Godfrey Writes A Thank You Letter To His Wife

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Timi Godfrey Writes A Thank You Letter To His Wife

Gospel singer Tim Her Godfrey wrote a thank you post on his social media just months after his wife Erica Catrina tied the knot in a star-studded white traditional wedding ceremony.
The singer took to his Instagram page to share heartbreaking photos of him and his wife, showering her with admiration. He assured her of his love and thanked her for loving him as much.

According to the father of one, spending time with his wife is heaven on earth.

Eulogising his wife, Tim Godfrey wrote:

Baby… It’s not your birthday today. It’s not our anniversary today.

I’m just here to tell the whole world how awesome, incredible, bankable, amazing, beautiful, intelligent, prayerful, and gracious you are!
I love you and love you and love you!
Meeting you was God leading me to my STILL WATERS…
My Anambra Princess … thank you for loving me the way you do.
Spending life with you is simply HEAVEN ON EARTH!
Thank you Jesus…. Your strength has always come through in our weakness!
Thank you Erica Katrina Chiyerem Godfrey!
I love you.

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