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Tunde Onakoya Breaks Guinness World Record For Longest Chess Marathon At 58 Hours

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Tunde Onakoya Breaks Guinness World Record For Longest Chess Marathon At 58 Hours

A Nigerian Chess Champion, Tunde Onakoya has unofficially broken the world record for the longest chess marathon in the world.

He embarked on this journey a few days ago in the streets of New York, where he played under the harsh and cold weather.

At some point during the game, Davido, his wife, and the rest of his entourage came in to support him to lift his spirits.

He managed to beat the last world record for longest chess marathon with two hours difference, which sums it up to fifty-eight hours of playing chess unbeaten by any contender.

Tunde Onakoya embarked on this journey in order to raise a million dollars so that he can expand access to chess education for children worldwide.

According to Tunde Onakoya, he got inspired to play chess in Ikorodu as a child. He had visited a barber’s shop, and that is where he saw a chess board and fell in love.

Tunde Onakoya has been playing the game of chess for about nineteen years ever since he discovered that chess board in Ikorodu.

He went on to found a non-governmental organization called Chess In Slums Africa. The goal of the organization is to provide a platform for children in slum areas who are interested in chess.

Tunde Onakoya has received several awards that honored him as an exemplary chess player.

He once beat ten contenders at a go in Germany, and this brought him further into the limelight, even before he started the chess marathon.

If the Guinness World Record confirms Tunde Onakoya as the record holder for longest chess marathon, he will become the first Nigerian to enter that category.

Huge congrats on this big win. Your hard work and dedication paid off. We are super proud of you Tunde!

Live with Purpose, Love with Passion. Remember to be happy

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