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Update: Police Might Deploy A Lie Detector As Chidinma Ojukwu Denies Killing Super TV CEO

Update: Police Might Deploy A Lie Detector As Chidinma Ojukwu Denies Killing Super TV CEO

Following Chidinma’s denial of the murder of the CEO of Super TV, the Nigerian Police says a lie detector might be deployed to help solve the mystery. This comes few days after the suspect; Chidinma, confessed to the crime several times on camera that she killed SuperTV CEO; Usifo Ataga

Recall that in a trending video interview with Crime Fighters, Chidinma who is an undergraduate of the  University of Lagos claimed that she had nothing to do with the murder but only found Ataga’s corpse after returning to the service apartment where both of them had lodged at Lekki, Lagos State.

Ojukwu said;
“Before I was leaving, he stood up to lock the door, but when I got in, I was knocking, and when there was no answer, I opened and the door was already opened, as it wasn’t locked; the duvet and pillow were on the floor.

“The couch was facing the door and the bed was stained with blood already. The floor where he was was filled with blood and then music and TV were on. The room was already disarranged like someone broke in, then I saw him on the floor.

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“I didn’t know what to do, so I took my things with his things and left. I was afraid; I didn’t know if I had raised the alarm, they would have arrested me for doing it because I and him were just the only people in the room.

“I just left; I was packing my things to leave, then I noticed that my clothes were stained, so I changed to another. I took the bag that contained his ID and documents like bank statements. So, I just packed them and put them into the nylon, and left.

“I just did it; it is not like I had something to do with his death. I never had anything to do with his death.”

A senior police officer who reacted to Chidinma Ojukwu’s “new story”, told PUNCH Metro that a lie detector could be deployed to test if her latest claim was true or not. The officer said;

“It appears that her lawyers or relatives are teaching her, but this is different from our investigation. This is a fake angle and she cannot dismiss convincing evidence that is already available and recorded, which she demonstrated.

“So, this means she is a two-faced person; she tells lies and when the investigation gets to a top-level, they will use a lie detector to know whether she is telling the truth or not.”

The state Commissioner of Police; Hakeem Odumosu also said that the UNILAG student is exhibiting traits of an active criminal with her new confession.

The police chief also recalled how she was recorded the night she was arrested and the state CIID. Odumosu said;

“That is the trait of an active criminal; she was here, we recorded her. The night she was arrested, we recorded her at the state CIID, even the lady that rented the place to her, we recorded her and we have all that. If she now has an afterthought, an investigation will prove that.”

We hope the truth behind the murder of Usifo will be revealed and the perpetrators will be brought to book soon.

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