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18-year-old Jaylen Smith Becomes America’s Youngest Black Male Mayor

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18-year-old Jaylen Smith Becomes America’s Youngest Black Male Mayor

Jaylen Smith became the youngest black male mayor in the United States after his runoff vote.

Smith, 18, defeated Nemi Matthews, Sr., in a runoff vote to become mayor of Earle, Arkansas.
According to the election results, Smith received 218 votes and Matthews 139.

Smith announced his win in a Facebook post, in which He said:
“It’s official, Citizens of Earle, Arkansas!! I am the newly elected mayor of Earle, Arkansas…” It’s time to build a better chapter in Earle, Arkansas.”

Congratulations on this fantastic achievement! Never lose sight of your dream, for this is only the beginning of your victories! Your talent and your ability to work hard will get you anywhere you want to see yourself in life. It’s just the beginning!

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