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A Word For The Season

Monday Perspective

A Word For The Season

Life is measured not by grade but by grace, not by labour but by favour, not by merit but by God’s mercy. This is the time when God’s grace, favour, and mercy are most evidently at work.

The things you’re clinging on to that isn’t working in your life will be replaced because God is rescuing His children from all hopeless circumstances. No more spiritual stagnation. God is making His presence known to a new breed of people. He is choosing people who don’t have much hope, who are stuck, and who don’t believe in themselves or see a way out of their predicament.

The Holy Spirit is stirring the souls of God’s elect. They will begin to make bold decisions. They will no longer settle for a lifestyle that is inferior to God’s ideal. They will begin to get uncomfortable in the things they are doing aside God. They will crave for change, for newness, and the Spirit of God will uphold and strengthen them until they enter into their place of destiny.

They will find true peace and then begin to ascend from one glory to the next because they are no longer who they used to be. It is important to keep in mind that God’s Words always comes ahead. Prepare your mind. Don’t let fear keep you on thesame spot. There is yet a new chapter to be written, a new race to run and a success to attain that you’ve yet to imagine.


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