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Overcoming depressed moments

Monday Perspective

Overcoming depressed moments

Remembering that we are not alone in our problems helps us get through depressed moments. Every person, regardless of their faith, encounters challenges, sadness, and hardships. However, there are people who are able to cope with depression, while others contribute to it.

Depression is a challenging and difficult experience that arises from feelings of self-doubt and sadness. To overcome this evil, take solace in God’s promises and find encouragement in His grace and providence. Seek personal worship and communion with Christ, pouring out your soul to Him in prayer and praise.

Connect with fellow believers and participate in God’s people’s fellowship, finding support and upliftment in their presence. And most importantly, cast all your cares upon the Lord, knowing that He cares for you and that His shoulders are strong enough to carry your burdens. Have faith in Christ and trust that He is the ultimate cure for any form of depression. Remember, difficult times will pass, and you have the strength to overcome them.

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