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Christ Turns Our Sorrows Into Joy


Christ Turns Our Sorrows Into Joy

Friday of the 6th week of Eastertide 

Acts 18:9-18
John 16:20-23

In the Gospel of John, Jesus acknowledges the pain that his disciples will experience when he is crucified. He also repeats their pain when his physical presence disappears from the earth. However, just as the hard labor of his death culminated in the resurrection, their pain would eventually turn into joy that nobody could take away. Jesus taught that nothing in this world is permanent, and loss and deep pain are inevitable.

They are often necessary for our growth into deeper life. Yet, we often avoid pain and refuse to face it. Instead, we hold on to the things and people we love and convince ourselves that we own them or can command their continued existence. But sooner or later, we lose what we held so dear and are thrown into the labor pains of grief.

Perhaps the key is to recognize that nothing is permanent rather than deny it. We should appreciate the wealth of gifts, people, and things, we have in our lives right now, knowing they can disappear in an instant.

Then, we can commit to a prayer practice that places us and all we have in the hands of God, who is the only permanence and the only true source of healing and joy. Because of Jesus, we know that no matter what we go through, God will accompany us in our labor and bring us to resurrection and new life.

What kind of “labor pains” are you experiencing now or are likely to experience? What circumstances in your life would break your heart and shake your foundations to the core? When it happens, can you work through the pain of your crucifixion hand-in-hand with Jesus until new life can emerge? It’s not an easy task, but it’s worth the price.


Grant me the grace to be aware of my weakness and shortcomings, Lord, and give me wisdom and charity in my dealings with others. O Lord! Turn our sorrows into everlasting joy. Amen.

Fr Joseph Osho

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