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The Ascension Of The Lord 


The Ascension Of The Lord 

Acts 1:1-11
Ps 46(47):2-3,6-9
Eph 4:1-13
Mark 16:15-20


God goes up with shouts of joy.,the Lord goes up with trumpet blast. Yes! Forty days after the Resurrection, Our Jesus Christ ascended to His eternal glory in Heaven. The One who came down from heaven as returned to heaven. The Lord goes up with shouts of joy. This is Christian hope expressed by the Church in which it says, ‘where Christ the head has gone before us the church has a hope that one day we will be also.

Christ has also assured us that, He will be with us to the end of time. We on our part, must carry on with the mission of Christ to the ends of the earth with joy. Jesus is our hope and joy through him we get to Heaven.

We have a share of grace in Christ Jesus resurrection and ascension. Let us partake in today’s mystery of the Lord’s ascension by raising our minds and hearts beyond this earthly pleasures and desires for if we can touch the heavens with our fingers, we will experience the taste of joy. Let us rise above sin and evil. Above the injunctions of the world. Let us call upon the Holy Spirit to guide and protect us always. Amen. 

Alleluia sing to Jesus, He is the scepter. He is the throne.

Happy Feast of the Ascension of the Lord

Fr Joseph Osho

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