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Happy International Women’s Day – Monday Motivation

Happy International Women’s Day – Monday Motivation

Happy International Women’s Day – Monday Motivation

Never judge a woman as weak because of the shape of her body or the softness of her speech. There are many feeble hearts in masculine bodies just as there are many lion hearts in feminine clothings. Wisdom should instruct us that the strength is not in the gender but in the attitude. – Miriam Imoroa

We never would know how much God has deposited in our women until we are willing to give them the chance to prove themselves.

Ironically, there are still many parents today, including mothers who would rather preferentially invest in their sons much more than they would in their daughters of equal or even better prospects. This is part of the trouble that has been passed down to us through the ages. Until we learn to not see anyone through the eyes of gender but through the content of their character and the creativity in their abilities, we would continue to live in a world that shortchanges itself; a world that invests more in those that deserve far less, and a world that struggles with barren lands, leaving fertile grounds unploughed.

Happy International Women’s Day – Monday Motivation

And if you are a woman feeling despised and lowly esteemed, this is one day you must rise to celebrate yourself. It is all up to you and to no one else either to remain a slave to the lies you have believed or to break free from limiting prejudices and embrace the possibilities that beckon on you.

Happy International Women’s Day!  #choosetochallenge #IWD2021

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