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True Life is Impact – Monday Motivation

True Life is Impact – Monday Motivation

True Life is Impact – Monday Motivation

Life means different things to different people. And how we see life is how we live it. Perspective gives direction to our efforts, and the things that matter most to us are the things we invest most in.

The elements we most dutifully preoccupies ourselves with reflect clearly our priorities in life and the definition we give to it. For some, life is measured in length of days and so longevity is their measure of success. For others, it is measured by the abundance of possessions and so they stop at nothing to acquire wealth, fame and position.

Only a few understands that true life is impact and that there is no life other than that which the impact we have made gives back to us. We could be wealthy and yet worthless, popular yet not influential, aged and yet not celebrated.

This is a new week, let us endeavour to live for the right reasons and to pursue those things which makes us live the longest in the hearts of people.  #mondaymotivation

True Life is Impact – Monday Motivation


Agnes Isika is a blogger and a published author; and is a proud overcomer of life’s challenges. Drawing from her own personal experiences, she is equipped to deliver on her great passion for helping people through their own challenges.  Her contributions to humanity started at a very young stage, when she began to do volunteer work for the cause of the needy.

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