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Man Faking Madness Caught With N250,000, Three Iphones, Women’s Underwear In Ogun

Man Faking Madness Caught With N250,000, Three Iphones, Women’s Underwear In Ogun

A man, said to be pretending to be mentally unstable, was beaten to a pulp by locals after he was allegedly found with N250,000, three iPhones, and women’s underwear in Ogun state.

It was gathered that the suspect, who stays under the bridge in Mowe, in the Obafemi Owode Local Government Area of Ogun State, was caught answering a call on Thursday, July 29, and it made residents suspicious to see a supposedly mad man answering a call.

According to Punch, residents asked where he got the phone from but he could not give a satisfactory answer, instead, he tried to escape.

Residents caught him before he could go far and they searched him. They allegedly found the sum of N250,000, three iPhones, and women’s underwear in his possession, and the locals descended on him, beating him.

An eyewitness, who identified himself simply as Ade, told the publication that he and his friends were placing a bet under the bridge when they saw the suspect making a phone call so they confronted him.

The eyewitness added: “He had been at the Mowe bus stop for long and when some passers-by saw what we found on him, they pounced on him and beat him.

“We later handed him over to the police, but policemen at the Mowe Police Division said they could not accommodate a lunatic in their station. Only God knows who he was calling.”

A trader in the area, identified simply as Yetunde, said the suspect was beaten when he refused to disclose who he was talking to on the phone.

She said, “When he was asked who he was talking to, he refused to talk; it was the annoyance that made people to start beating him and wondering where a lunatic got such amount of money, phones and women pants and bra from. This is an eye-opener to everyone in Mowe. Only God knows how many atrocities he has committed in Mowe.

“Probably he is working with ritualists, because I don’t know where he got the money and the phones, and maybe the underwear belong to women he raped or killed and sold their body parts.”

Source: Punch

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