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Singer Davido Suspends His Aide, Isreal DMW

Singer Davido Suspends His Aide, Isreal DMW

Nigerian singer, Davido, has had to take a decision to distance himself from the controversial case. He has suspended his personal logistics manger; Isreal Afeare also known as Israel DMW, following his recent comments on social media.

According to a source, the decision was taken after Isreal recently went on Instagram to state his opinion on the Hushpuppi-Kyari brouhaha. Isreal defended Police chief, Abba Kyari over the Hushpuppi fraud scandal which didn’t sit well with Davido.

“He is on suspension because of the things he says on social media which always involves his boss because of the tag ‘Davido’s aide’. He has been asked not to come around or hang out with Davido. However, Isreal has promised to change,” a source said.

Recall that the United States Attorney’s Office, Central District of California, had issued an arrest warrant against Kyari for his alleged links to Hushpuppi, who is standing trial for various offences that include internet fraud and money laundering, among others.

Hushpuppi has since pleaded guilty to the charges and, if convicted, risks a 20-year-jail term, three-year supervision upon completion of jail term and monetary restitution to the tune of $500,000 or more.

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