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Man Kills His Girlfriend, Chops Up Her Body In Akwa Ibom


Man Kills His Girlfriend, Chops Up Her Body In Akwa Ibom

A young man named Elisha is accused of murdering his girlfriend and butchering her body in Akwa Ibom.

On Tuesday, May 14, 2024, at about 7 a.m., an incident occurred in a residential property near the famed Beaulah International Nursery and Primary Schools on Atiku Abubakar Way in Uyo, the state capital.

According to Leadership, the deceased, a nursing assistant, was on her way to work when the suspect duped her into going to his one-room flat on Atiku Abubakar Way.

A resident of the compound, an elderly woman who could not converse coherently, claimed she managed to reach the door, knocked, and pleaded with Elisha to stop hitting the body, but she was ignored.

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“I am not strong, but despite my frail and weak body, I managed to go and knocked at the door, but Elisha refused to open. Afterwards, I could no longer hear the beating and the shouting for help, I thought the fight had stopped, not knowing he had killed the lady and cut her body to several pieces,” she narrated.

“He later broke the ceiling, climbed and hid himself before the police came, broke the door into the house, where the body parts of the deceased were picked in bits from the naked mattress into sack bags and taken to the police station. Elisha was later fished out from the ceiling and taken along to the station.”

Another compound member, who did not want his name printed, stated that when the fight became more intense, he phoned the suspect’s father.

“I called his father, who arrived, knocked on the door and appealed to his son, warning him against taking the laws into his own hands, but the warning was not heeded and the father left,” the source said.

“The man had suddenly closed the door immediately on sighting the father in the compound, and before others could arrive, he had already killed the lady, shredded her into pieces and went into hiding in the ceiling of the room, where the Police came to bring him down for arrest.”

ASP Timfon John, spokesperson for the State Police Command, verified the occurrence and stated that the case has been forwarded to the State Police headquarters in Ikot Akpanabia, Uyo.

She further stated that the suspect has been arrested and is currently being interrogated.

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