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No One Can Block The Blessings That God Has For You


No One Can Block The Blessings That God Has For You

Numbers 12:1-13
Matthew 14:22-36

Saint Dominic, Priest

Yesterday, we heard the complaints of the people against Moses and this time around in today’s first reading, we heard of Mariam and Aaron speaking against Moses. What amuses me is the fact that Moses still pleaded on their behalf before God. It takes a lot of humility to do that. Sometimes we wonder like Mariam and Aaron, why would someone be so special. We gradually invite jealousy into our hearts and no sooner than later we lay a warring camp against the other.

In today’s Gospel, Jesus walks on water and bold Peter asks to be able to do the same, but unstable in his faith, he sinks into the stormy sea. We can sometimes identify ourselves with both Miriam and Peter. We occasionally wonder why other people seem to have all the fun. We consider them as lucky. We ponder why they are so special. Then jealousy, begins to raise its ugly head. It seems that it is part of human nature to want what others have, even though God has blessed us in ways that others are not blessed. We forget about the blessings which they’ve received from God. Like Peter, we occasionally want proof that God is Who God says God is. We want to have the privileges of the Master.

The readings, therefore, challenge us to realize that God has the freedom to grant favours on certain individuals. Our response shouldn’t be that of jealousy, which is sinful, but rather one of gratitude that God has graced certain individuals with certain abilities. We are called to deepen our faith by understanding that Jesus will support us with what we need in order to face d storms of life. What has been your attitude when others receive the admiration which you feelyou should have? How do you handle your feelings of jealousy? Do you praise God for the skills, talents, and positions of authority which God has given to others or are you still complaining? Let us recount the blessings of God always and appreciate the strength he gives to us to make it through daily.

Fr Joseph Osho

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