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Shocking Revelation: South African Bible Scholar Reveals Cause Of TB Joshua’s Death

Shocking Revelation: South African Bible Scholar Reveals Cause Of TB Joshua’s Death

Men can deceive each other but no one can deceive GOD. “There is nothing wrong about Christianity or religion, but there is something wrong with most of the people who lead or follow Christianity. Some manipulate others into thinking if they don’t do what they say, then they are not Christian enough or believers. The Bible said you must test the spirit. Not all church leaders or followers represent Christ. Some represent themselves. They are not doing it for God, but are doing it for themselves.” De philosopher DJ Kyos.   3 days ago, the news of the death of a popular Nigerian prophet; Temitope Balogun Joshua aka TB Joshua, was on every African and some international social media. It was a piece of shocking news to many while some say it’s one of the many signs of the end time.

In a new video that has gone viral, a South African Bible scholar made shocking revelations about the late prophet TB Joshua who passed on before his 58th birthday. The South Africa-based man stated that Prophet Joshua who is the founder of Synagogue Church Of All Nations, (SCOAN), has been taking medications for a hidden medical condition for the past 2 years before his demise.

The man who is identified as Howard Nyoni in a new video described TB Joshua as a fake prophet.

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He also alleged that TB Joshua and Pastor Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy both had terminal medical conditions and had been taking medications secretly. He didn’t state the name of the sickness but kept on insisting that the duo secretly take medications against their teachings to their followers.

Howard also revealed that TB Joshua may not be dead that the announcement of his death may have been planned and that’s another way to gain fame. He also gave examples of prophecies given by TB JOSHUA which never came to pass.

Am not a fan of TB Joshua or Oyakhilome by the way but my take on this claim by Howard is this, it is not bad for men of God to take medications for medical reasons. Some claim to be healers but can’t heal themselves, Yes, because they are not God.

The bad part which I term hypocritical is some pastors and prophets telling people not to take their medications but do otherwise behind closed doors. In
these perilous times, we have more preachers of the Word than doers of the Word. In other words, Not all preachers are doers.

Everyone needs to be guided because not all prophesies are from God.

Mr. Howard kindly let the dead rest and let God make the final judgement.



Here is the video. Please watch and share your thoughts with us.

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