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Siblings Flog Teacher For Disciplining Their Brother In Port Harcourt


Siblings Flog Teacher For Disciplining Their Brother In Port Harcourt

The family of a J.S.S.1 kid from a secondary school in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, identified as Favour, approached a female teacher, Sonia Amadi, on her way to work and flogged her for allegedly flogging their child on Monday.

According to the punch, the family members also allegedly proceeded into the school grounds and confined the Admin Officer, Joy Ajayi, inside her office, threatening to do the same with her.

It was reported that other parents had to intervene to keep the family who had physically assaulted the female teacher from beating up the administrative officer.

Joy Ajayi, an administrator of ‘Silver Bird International School’ Agip, Mile 4, in Port Harcourt, told reporters that she was in her office on Monday morning when three lads entered, shut the door, and stated they wanted to flog her.

“One of the boys carried the scissors we used in doing school work and threatened to stab me. He asked why should they flog his brother in this school,” she narrated.

“All the teachers came out that there was no need for them to take this thing to that extent. But they refused to open the door. There was a parent inside here with me and we were resolving an issue.

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“So the parent had to start begging them that they should calm down. They were here for more than 15 to 20 minutes. My teachers were outside trying to get inside but they could not.

“They were saying they would flog me and that we should go and call the Police or lawyer. I now said I have a right to defend myself. As I was talking, that was when their father came, and said they should open the door. They opened the door and their father now said he wanted to take his family and that he would come back later.

“Before they came to my office and locked me up, a teacher was flogged, my English teacher Sonia Amadi when she was coming to school.

“They flogged her seriously. She is in the office and I have to ask her to calm down. The mother of the boy also slapped her as she was coming to school.

“The same people who came to my office had already accosted my teacher and flogged her seriously. As she was entering the gate they followed her and matched straight to my office, “she added.

It was learned that the school’s administration filed an official complaint with the Ada George Police Division, and the teacher was handed medical paperwork to visit the clinic for treatment.

Meanwhile, a rights organisation, the Centre for Basic Rights Protection and Accountability Campaign, has criticised the alleged assault on the female teacher and invasion of the school by the student’s family.

Price Wiro, the group’s National Coordinator, said in a statement that the student’s parents should have reported to the Ministry of Education if they believed their child was being mistreated or to the Police in the instance of physical assault, rather than taking the law into their own hands.

Wiro urged the police to conduct a thorough investigation into the incident, and anyone found guilty should face the consequences.

“We condemn the invasion of the school by the student’s brothers and the locking up of an admin staff on account that she flogged their child in a manner that they considered inappropriate,” he said.

“I want to advise parents that if you feel that the way your child was treated in school is not right, there are channels for seeking redress. If there are physical signs of assault you can go to the police or the Ministry of Education to make a formal complaint.

“Resort to self-help by taking the laws into your hands is not the way to go. I therefore call on the Police to thoroughly investigate this matter anybody found culpable no matter how highly placed should face the law.”

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