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Stay Committed And Loyal – Monday Motivation

Stay Committed And Loyal – Monday Motivation

Stay Committed And Loyal – Monday Motivation

Someone asked me yesterday; how does one maintain the same location for 30 years and not get bored or be tempted to quit? My answer- When you find the mountain where God wants you to be, no other mountain looks attractive enough to to be a temptation to you anymore. We run everywhere because we do not know where we should be. We do everything because we do not know what we should do.

It is true that we should not stay longer than necessary on any one mountain; but when God brings you to a place by divine order, only divine order should make you quit. I often wonder why people can’t just be stable. They commit today and the next day, they jump off the ship. Life doesn’t work that way. Elisha wouldn’t get the mantle nor the double portion that came with it if he didn’t follow through to the end.

Stay Committed And Loyal – Monday Motivation

One of life’s biggest temptation is jumping off the ship just because we saw some stormy waves. We often fail to remember that the water we are jumping into houses both the shark and the crocodile. We may very well be jumping into crocodile-infested water, much like from the frying pan to the fire. The message to us this new week is to stay committed and loyal. People who are known to be unstable are invariably known to be disloyal. And running away from where God planted you just because there is trouble may very well mean running into trouble. Wisdom is important to direct. Good morning and have a very blessed week ahead.

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