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We Need Each Other In This Life!

We Need Each Other In This Life!

We Need Each Other In This Life!

The motto of our country, Nigeria, reads “Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress.” These four powerful and mysterious words characterize a people, a polity, a society. The Philosopher Aristotle famously said that “Man by nature is a social animal.” No man is an island, we say. We are individuals but in a common home or community. We do forget this sometimes and try to live as if I alone can do it all. I cannot do it all alone, I need you and you need me in some capacity. We need each other in this life.

Western culture with its individualistic DNA is gradually penetrating our African rich heritage. You have seen it in so many instances. I have seen it too and that is why I am writing about this today. Life as a human being, a social being, and even an African will not make much sense and will be burdensome if there is no sense of community in our dealing with one another.

People are in different troubles today, troubles that can be easily resolved or at least lighter to bear if they let others in. Sometimes it is out of pride, or shame, or even inferiority complex that makes us feel that we are good and better off. Life will be much easier, and the world will be far better once we get rid of independence and bring in interdependence.

To seek help does not make one weak or humiliated, it means to be wise and matured enough to know that I cannot do it. According to Socrates the Philosopher, “True wisdom is knowing what you do not know” and according to our African adage, “If you do not know how to make a gong, look at the tail of the kite and learn.” Seek help from your neighbor or the person you know that can help. You need the other because for the other to feel good, he/she needs to do a good deed, for doing good makes a human being feel good. When you feel good and I feel good and the other feels good, the world is one step away from being good again – it has a ripple effect.


We need each other in this life; being there for your brother or sister and working together to achieve a greater goal which is the common good, the good of all. We can never be too smart to know it all. Even the person you least expect to be of help can amaze you with what they can offer. Do not belittle anyone, do not be shy to ask, do not be afraid of rejection when you ask, do not close up, and believe you can live on your own. At least you will need to buy agege bread and akara for you to sustain yourself. Even if you can make them yourself, at least you will need to buy the flour and oil and other kinds of stuff to make them. You get the point! We need each other in this life.

Reach out today to someone whom you know needs help or reach out to that person you know can help you. This is how we can make it in this life easy and joyful and peaceful.

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