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In God We Live And Move And Have Our Being


In God We Live And Move And Have Our Being

Wednesday of the 6th week of Eastertide 

Acts 17:15,​22-18:1
Psalm 148:1-2,11-14
John 16:12-15

In today’s first reading, Paul proclaims the core of the Christian message to first century Athenians. Three truths he focuses on, and as he speaks, we are invited to imagine what would change if we took these truths to heart and allowed them to transform our lives. WhatsApp are these truths?

Firstly, Paul reminds us that everything that exists is a gift of God’s love, an expression of God’s goodness and wonderful creativity. Nothing exists and nothing of the natural world, that did not come from Him. All things receive their being and life from God not just once but continually, which is why apart from God nothing can live and we can do nothing.

Secondly, Paul asserts that the God who absolutely transcends us is also astonishingly close at hand, continuously in reach, in those with whom we live, in strangers passing by, in the face of a delighted child or the person grieving a loss, in moments of joyful celebration as well as moments of silence.

Every moment of every day God is near, surrounding us, upholding us, accepting and accompanying us. Even if we tried, we could not get away from God because wherever we would go, God would already be there waiting for us.

Thirdly, all things are in God and God is in all things. What a difference it would make if we acquired the revelation and moral vision by which we saw God in every human being, in every creature, and the whole created world. We would love our neighbors joyfully and without hesitation We would treat every creature with respect and would never stop giving thanks for the gift of God’s creation. Peace, justice, and fairness would abound.


May God preserve you from every ill-situation. May He lead and guide you on the right path of life and bring you to the place of honour and glory. May you be victorious over every lying tongue around you. Amen.

Fr Joseph Osho

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