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Two Women Stabbed To Death At Muslim Center

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Two Women Stabbed To Death At Muslim Center

Two women were killed and numerous others were hurt in an attack by a guy brandishing a huge knife at an Ismaili Muslim center in Lisbon, which Portuguese authorities said they were looking into as a potential act of terrorism.

Ismaili community leader Narzim Ahmad revealed to the Portuguese TV channel SIC that the women were Portuguese employees at the facility.

The individual was identified as an Afghan refugee who was getting aid from the Ismaili Community by officials of the local Afghan community and Portuguese authorities.

According to a police statement, a man carrying a knife was waiting for officers when they arrived at the center on Tuesday morning. He was shot when he approached the officers after they had ordered him to surrender, according to the statement.

The suspect was brought to a hospital in Lisbon, where he is currently in police custody.

Other others were hurt as well, although authorities would not elaborate. The incident at the Muslim center was “a criminal crime,” Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa told reporters.

Everything suggests that this was an isolated incident, according to Mr. Costa.

The names of those slain were not immediately known.

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