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Ukraine To Grant Parole To Prisoners Who Join Its Army


Ukraine To Grant Parole To Prisoners Who Join Its Army

Parliament of Ukraine has enacted legislation allowing some prisoners to participate in the armed forces, as the military faces a serious personnel shortage and Russian forces continue to advance on the battlefield.

The measure represents a reversal in Ukraine’s approach to the issue. Kyiv had long opposed the idea, blaming Moscow for using convicts to bolster its army ranks.

Before becoming law, the legislation must be signed by the chairperson of Parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, and President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

“The parliament has voted yes,” MP Olena Shuliak, head of Zelenskyy’s party, said in a Facebook post.

“The draft law opens the possibility for certain categories of prisoners who expressed a desire to defend their country to join the Defence Forces,” she said.

Mobilisation would be voluntary and limited to particular types of prisoners, she stated. Only prisoners with less than three years remaining on their sentences may apply, she said.

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Any convicts who are mobilised will be granted parole rather than a pardon. Among those not eligible to serve include individuals found guilty of sexual violence, killing two or more people, major corruption, and previous high-ranking officials, Shuliak said.

Russia invaded Ukraine on the 24th of February 2022. The war which was expected to be brief has lasted beyond two years as the Ukrainian army repels the the Russian attacks with the help of NATO-affiliated countries.

Russia has been recruiting prisoners to fight on the front lines from the beginning of its invasion in February 2022, originally promising presidential pardons for six months of service.

Ukraine recently strengthened efforts against military draft dodgers and reduced the age at which males can be enlisted from 27 to 25.

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