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Why Barcelona Had To Drop Messi – Club President

Why Barcelona Had To Drop Messi – Club President

Barcelona club president, Joan Laporta announced that Lionel Messi’s career has ended since the club cannot afford to maintain the Argentinian superstar.

As Barca prepare to begin La Liga on August 15, Laporta stated he was unwilling to “put the club at danger” by renewing Messi’s contract.

He added that Barcelona had ceased negotiations with Messi and that he was open to other offers.

He said, “Yesterday we realized it was over. I had the last conversation with Leo’s father”.

“I do not want to give false hope. The player has other offers and there is a time limit because La Liga starts soon and he needs time to assess his other options.”

“Logically, he will have some big offers,” said Laporta.

However, Manchester City’s coach Pep Guardiola, who formerly coached Messi at the Camp Nou has made it known that he is not interested in the player.

Guardiola said, “right now it is not in our thoughts, absolutely not.”

Mauricio Pochettino, PSG’s Coach, disclosed little information on the club’s stands

Pochettino said that his presidency is looking into methods to improve the team.

However, the Barcelona star is in talks with the club to sign a five-year contract in which he would earn 50 percent less of his former pay.

But an obstacle still stands as La Liga’s financial fair play rules states that not more than 200 million euros ($235 million) be spent on salaries each season causing Laporta to believe that the agreement could not be completed.

Leo Messi’s contract could not be accommodated, according to re-elected president Laporta.

Sports salaries account for 110 percent of the club’s income, which was a situation inherited from the former presidency

“La Liga’s rules set limitations and we have no margin. We have known the situation since we arrived but the numbers we have seen are even worse than we thought.”

In the season that just concluded, the club lost approximately 500 million euros, which was double above what they had anticipated.

Recently, La Liga signed a deal with US private equity firm, CVC, under which it committed to sell 10 percent of the business for 50 years in exchange for a cash injection of 2.7 billion euros immediately following the announcement. 90 percent of the funding would go to clubs in Spain’s top two divisions.

The CVC deal has been criticized by both Barcelona and Real Madrid, although both clubs remain committed to the European Super League move.

The president boasts about the club saying, “I am not willing to mortgage the club for anyone. We have an institution that is above everyone, even the best player in the world.”

In the past, Messi had sought to leave Barcelona for free but was compelled to stay after the club informed him that his contract’s escape clause was no longer valid.

The club confirmed Messi’s departure in a statement on Thursday.

In adapting to the departure of the star, the president said, “I have told the players that a new stage in Barca’s history is beginning and that we have to continue winning without Messi. There is maximum commitment and professionalism.”

“Leo Messi is an idol who has left some epic moments behind him. To him, we owe our undying appreciation,” Laporta said.

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