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Barack And Michelle Obama Celebrates Their 30th Wedding Anniversary

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Barack And Michelle Obama Celebrates Their 30th Wedding Anniversary

Former US president, Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle Obama are celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary today, October 3.

The 61-year-old 44th President of the United States posted heartwarming memories of him and his wife on Instagram, including a picture of himself laying his head on Michelle’s shoulder while they were at the beach, a picture of their wedding in black and white, and a picture of their names written in a heart in the sand.

Captioning the post, he wrote: “Miche, After 30 years, I’m not sure why you look exactly the same and I don’t. I do know that I won the lottery that day—that I couldn’t have asked for a better life partner. Happy anniversary, sweetheart!”

In a Twitter post, Mrs. Obama, 58, also celebrated their anniversary saying: “Happy anniversary to the man I love! These last 30 years have been an adventure, and I’m grateful to have you by my side. Here’s to a lifetime together. I love you @BarackObama.”

She also posted side-by-side images of them on their wedding day and at the beach.

The two first met during a summer internship at a law firm, when Barack was given Michelle as his mentor. After dating for three years, the Obamas got married in 1992.

In his 2020 memoir, A Promised Land, the former president wrote of their wonderful wedding day, which was held in Chicago’s South Side.

He said, “After several years of dating, Michelle and I were married at Trinity United Church of Christ on October 3, 1992, with more than three hundred of our friends, colleagues, and family members crammed happily into the pews.”

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