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Consider the choices you will make today

Monday Perspective

Consider the choices you will make today

A wrong choice would be to purchase low-quality imitations rather than original ones. Unfortunately, Rehoboam chose to prioritize deceit over authenticity in every aspect of his life. During his coronation, the king faced a decision between wisdom and folly while seeking counsel from his advisers. Regrettably, he prioritized power and control over the valuable advice of more experienced and wise individuals. Instead of prioritizing kindness and compassion towards his people, he allowed his ambitions to impair his judgment. Despite being divinely appointed, he chose to sever his connection with God. His poor choices have led to his decline instead of improvement. He was invaded by the Egyptians and lost the valuable treasures inherited from the lineage of David and Solomon. He created affordable bronze replicas as substitutes.

Despite his seemingly righteous appearance, he harbored a hidden wickedness within his heart. Rehoboam had ample opportunities to showcase his true greatness. Instead, he inherited a troubled kingdom in disarray and plagued by sorrow.

To what extent have we willingly sacrificed our valuable existence for temporary treasures that lack lasting value? We often sacrifice valuable resources for temporary excitement, disregarding our own well-being in the pursuit of momentary joy. Frequently, we compromise our moral values in the pursuit of short-term wealth, forsaking our personal integrity. We have forsaken truth in favor of deceitful illusions. Instead of following God’s guidance, we often succumb to our selfish desires. Although we may deceive others with our deceptive lives, we cannot deceive the all-knowing Creator. Nevertheless, God graciously extends His mercy to us, despite our imperfections.

Let us take a moment to think about the story of Rehoboam and how important it is to seek divine guidance as you consider the choices you will make today.

Stay blessed

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