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Dani Alves Transferred To Another Detention Facilities For Security Purposes

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Dani Alves Transferred To Another Detention Facilities For Security Purposes

After being accused of sexual assault, football player Dani Alves was moved to a new prison facility for security reasons, according to Catalan officials.

The “smaller residential modules” in the new correctional facility make it simpler to ensure the security and coexistence of the prisoners.

The decision to transfer Alves, according to the authorities, did not take into account the nature of the crime with which he is charged.

Alves spent three nights at a different prison, which had room for 200 convicts. The new one has room for around 80 inmates, including those who have been convicted of crimes and those who are awaiting trial.

Alves is anticipated to first share a cell with another prisoner.

Late last year, the 39-year-old is said to have sexually assaulted a 23-year-old lady in a nightclub in Barcelona.

After hearing the testimonies of Alves, his accuser, and a witness, the judge decided that the Brazilian defender should remain in jail without a chance for bail.

Dani denied any wrongdoing.

Meanwhile, Dani Alves’ ex-wife claimed she was living a nightmare and swore he would “never” have committed the sex crime for which he has been charged.

Dana Dinorah said: “I’m still in shock. It feels like a nightmare that’s not actually happening.”

In an appearance with a Spanish TV program, the Brazilian-born businesswoman insisted that the father of their two children was innocent and said: “Dani would never ever do this. I say this because I’ve known him for 22 years and was married to him for 10. This has been a shock for me and my children. I have two teenage children who are suffering.

“I’ve not had access to Dani and haven’t been able to speak to him on the phone. His lawyer says he’s sad but he’s okay. She’s the only one who has been able to see him. I’m here for whatever I can do to help him.”

On Monday, Spanish media claimed that Alves’ family was considering changing his legal counsel.

Dani has won 42 football championships including two Copa Americas with Brazil and three Champions Leagues with Barcelona.

He participated in his third World Cup last month, the only major championship he hasn’t won.

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