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Keep your hands on the truth

Monday Perspective

Keep your hands on the truth

Now, more than ever, we need God’s Word to be active in our lives. When the devil questioned Jesus in the wilderness, Jesus repeatedly replied, “It is written!” Jesus was constantly prodded by the Holy Spirit with the most important truth to combat every temptation the adversary threw His way. He will do the same for us, but we must be certain that the truth of God’s Word is deeply ingrained in our hearts.

After years of seeking God’s will for his life, one brother finally heard God say, “Go Forward” in the night, but he let doubt and the deceitful prodding of intelligent brethren alter his perceptions. He remained stucked for years, doing thesame thing and wallowing in regret. Just like this brother, a lot of individuals have been persuaded away from the truth, where they might ultimately find fulfillment.

We must never give in to influence that leads us away from God’s truth. When God tells us to step outside our comfort zone and move forward, we shouldn’t second-guess Him or let others contaminate the truth for their own gain. God never sends a man on a journey without first going in front of him to set up the supplies or assistance he might require.

This should serve as a wake-up call to those who need to summon the courage to answer the call to GO FORWARD. Get your Bible and keep your hands on the truth it contains. The Word we take the time to read and meditate on will be the word the Holy Spirit brings to our attention exactly when we need it. But there’s more – only the word that’s become our own truth has the power to silence the enemy.

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