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Kuda Bank Assures Customers Their Money Is Safe

Kuda Bank Assures Customers Their Money Is Safe

Kuda Bank has assured its customers that their monies are safe and secure.

Customers of Kuda, a Neo bank, have reportedly been unable to access their money since Tuesday as a result of app bugs, leaving them worried about the situation.

Customers of the bank have also expressed concern that they are unable to log in to the Kuda app, let alone withdraw or transfer funds.

In some situations, customers can log in but their accounts show a zero balance despite the fact that they have money in them.

However, the company has stated that customers’ monies are safe and secure, and they will be able to access it once the app issue is rectified.

In an apology message to its consumers, the digital bank confirmed that its app had been experiencing problems.

It said: “We’re sorry that you still haven’t been able to use your Kuda app. We’re working with our cloud services provider to sort out the downtime, and we’ll let you know when it’s been fixed. Your money remains safe and you’ll be able to access it as soon as services are restored.

“We know that the ₦0.00 balance error reported by several people is worrying but we assure you that it’s just what the app is displaying because of the downtime, not the amount of money you actually have. We’ll keep sharing updates as we make progress.”

Although the app had previously experienced outages, this is now the longest outage Kuda has ever experienced as users have been unable to access their funds for more than 24 hours.

The bank’s irate customers have vented their dissatisfaction on Twitter, regretting the decision to open an account with the bank.

One customer said: “This is complete nonsense. How long will it take to get the app running? I honestly regret using this app to get paid.”

Another said: “Kuda! Where’s my money? I’ve been stranded without cash since yesterday and I have a lot to do with my money.”

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