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Saint Agnes Virgin & Martyr

Saint Agnes Virgin & Martyr

Saint Agnes Virgin & Martyr

In today’s first reading Saul is trying to kill David and is searching for David. Saul decided to rest in a cave. David is hiding in the same cave. David is being tempted to seek revenge on Saul but does not. This reading anchors on forgiveness and reconciliation.

David’s restraint from violence is the beginning of peace and reconciliation between the two. Saul is moved with gratitude and asks for forgiveness from David. To what degree do we harbor grudges and plot revenge? To what degree are we instruments of reconciliation, forgiveness, and peace?

The gospel reading is about Jesus appointing the twelve apostles. Like the apostles, we are called and appointed to preach the gospel of love, forgiveness, reconciliation and peace through our words and actions. We are called to lead one another to a deeper relationship with God and others. We are the hands and feet of Christ in the world today. What actions of love, peace and forgiveness will I give today?

Today is the feast of St. Agnes, a young girl who had already discovered her purpose in life right from her very tender age- She said, “ I have found him who my soul love that: I held him and I will not him go. That statement is what fueled her life of purity, celibacy and intimacy with God. It was not surprising that when the trials and temptation came, she was eager to embrace martyrdom for the sake of Christ. Agnes is a shiny example for many people today who have forgotten that chastity is a gift from God. Some have hastily generalized that celibacy is mundane or impossible. For us Christians, it is the will of God that must triumph. Not my will but let your will be done. Here am I Lord I have come to do your will. Even if earthly joy fails , Jesus alone can satisfy. Jesus is mine.

St. Agnes -Pray for us.Amen.

Rev. Fr. Joseph Osho, OSJ.

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