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Saint Leo The Great, Pope, Doctor

Saint Leo The Great, Pope, Doctor

Saint Leo the Great, Pope, Doctor

When you are given an office prepare for your successor for any success without a successor is a failure. The first reading comes with a warning especially to those who are leaders. It says The power is a gift from God and no one is indispensable. Let us not feel indispensable because the only that is indispensable is God.

The gospel is about the Samaritan leper who return with thanksgiving for the miracle that Christ has worked. The gospel reading also challenges us to realize that God has the freedom to grant favours to us. Our response should not be that of jealousy, which is sinful, but rather one of gratitude that God has graced certain individuals with certain abilities. We are called to deepen my faith by understanding that Jesus will support us with what we need in order to face the storms of life.

Today the Church celebrates one of the greatest Pope in the history of the Church thus far. Someone that understands true leadership -Pope Leo the great. He.was a true shepherd and pastor of souls.. He defended the unity of the Church and also the invasion He wrote a lot of pastoral letters and encouraged everyone to serve God in humility and thanksgiving. The Samaritan leper is a good example of an attitude of gratitude for he came back to give thanks to God.

“No-one, however weak, is denied a share in the victory of the cross. No-one is beyond the help of the prayer of Christ.”
St. Leo the Great -pray for us. Amen

Fr. Joseph Osho

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