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13yrs Old Girl Blows Over $63,000 Of Her Family’s Entire Fortune On Mobile Games

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13yrs Old Girl Blows Over $63,000 Of Her Family’s Entire Fortune On Mobile Games

A young girl addicted to mobile games has landed her family in distress. The 13-year-old girl spent her family’s entire fortune on them, according to the ‘’South China Morning Post’’.

Girl playing games on smartphone at home

Over four months, the unnamed high school student from the central Chinese province of Henan allegedly stole the money from her mother’s bank account.

One of her professors reportedly learned about her scheme and immediately alerted her mother.

The teen’s fascination with her smartphone and apparent overuse of it was reportedly spotted by the teacher. According to ”Elephant News,” the mother discovered she had just R1.33 left in her bank account.

She admitted spending R323 163 on the games, R561 330 on in-game purchases, and R267 355 on games for 10 of her other students after her father questioned her about her spending.

“When they asked me to pay for their games, I paid despite feeling reluctant,’’ the girl was quoted as saying.

The young person claimed that because she had no knowledge of money or its history when she saw a debit card at home, she simply connected it to her smartphone.

She also remembers her mother giving her the card’s password in case she required cash when they were away.

The young millennial and Gen Z generations are the first to have grown up in an age where practically everyone had easy access to the internet.

This has produced some intriguing results. Young people may easily communicate, study digitally, and play games online. However, as one Chinese family discovered, this can go too far.

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