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Bbnaija All Stars: Venita And Uriel Fight Dirty Over Drama Roleplay


Bbnaija All Stars: Venita And Uriel Fight Dirty Over Drama Roleplay

Big Brother Naija All Stars housemate Uriel broke down in tears during her diary session on Wednesday, as she lamented the injustices being meted to her by her fellow housemates.

She bemoaned that some housemates are being given the “superstar” treatment.

Uriel particularly mentioned that Venita always gives major roles to Mercy Eke during their wager tasks while she [Uriel] plays minor roles.

She said tension between her and Venita is very high but she is avoiding an altercation with her because she is her love interest, Neo’s cousin.

According to Uriel: “We were rehearsing for our wager task today, and Venita gave me midwife role. I’m sorry to say this, Big Brother, I’m not trying to blow my own trumpet but I know I can play that role of a queen well. But there’s a power play going on. She [Venita] is putting Mercy first because Mercy is her friend.

“If you are going to run an audition for casting crew, you can’t just say, ‘oh! this person would play midwife.’ Let them audition. Let us see if they can play that role well. Let people judge. Don’t just do favouritism. Mercy is a nice person, fine, but you cannot just say because she won Big Brother she should always be put on a platform. There are other people too that need to shine. We are all on the same level whether you won or not.”

She said she feels frustrated this week because she almost allowed herself to get into a love triangle with Neo and Tolanibaj.

“I feel frustrated, Big Brother. I don’t know what’s wrong with me this week. I just feel frustrated. There are a lot of things that are making me angry. I did a lot of things last week. I almost allowed myself to get into a stupid love triangle [with Neo and Tolanibaj]. This week I took a look at everything. I took a look at the person I was involved with and I was like, ‘Is he really even worth it? Have I made myself look a type of way fighting over man?’ I’m constantly made to feel that a certain person is better than me.”

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