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Burna Boy’s Mum Shares What She Learned From Being Around Fela


Burna Boy’s Mum Shares What She Learned From Being Around Fela

Mother of Afrobeat artist Burna Boy, Bose Ogulu, has opened out about how her career was influenced by growing up with legendary musician Fela Kuti.

Bose Ogulu recently shared in a Famouz TV interview that she learned a lot about artist management even though she didn’t spend much time growing up with Fela and his crew.

She clarified that she was old enough to understand that, in addition to the artist’s duties, management also has other responsibilities, such as paying the band members.

Because everyone went for her father rather than Fela, who was at the time Fela’s manager, he had authority over the crew.

She stressed that effective administration is crucial for artists, saying that this has greatly impact her current work as an artist manager.

Our elders have a wealth of knowledge about all aspects of life. Make use of every opportunity you spend with them.

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