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Convicted Fraudster Pulls Off N17m Romance Scam While In Prison

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Convicted Fraudster Pulls Off N17m Romance Scam While In Prison

A yet-to-be-identified woman was allegedly robbed of N17 million in a romance scam in the state by Femi Oso, a convicted internet fraudster who is rumored to be on death row at the Ibara Correctional Facility in Ogun State.

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According to Punch, the victim and the offender started dating after meeting on Facebook.

Throughout the connection, Oso’s boyfriend gave him N17m in payments through a Point-of-Sale employee who went by the name of only Ayoola.

Along the way, the victim began to suspect foul play as she evaluated her relationship with Oso, who reportedly never told her he was an inmate. She later told her sister, who hasn’t been named, about her suspicions.

The victim’s sister then involved her husband, a serving officer with the Ondo State Police Command, who reported the case to the command’s Anti-Kidnapping Section for inquiry on the grounds that it appeared to be a romance scam.

The cops pursued the PoS operator to Ibara, Ogun State, where they apprehended him and transported him for questioning to their operating base in Akure, Ondo State.

After questioning, Ayoola admitted that the money was for Oso and named two people as those who frequently collected money from him at the inmate’s direction: a school cleaner named Nofisat Adeosun and Oso’s brother-in-law who went by the name Segun.

Adeosun described her ordeal on Monday, saying that on February 8, 2023, she was at work when police stormed the building to arrest her. She also said that she was taken to their base in Akure.

“When the policemen arrested me at my workplace at Ibara Baptist Nursery and Primary School, I asked what my offense was and I was told that they will tell me when we get to their base in Akure,” she said.

“When we got there, they told me I was arrested because of N17m fraud committed by an inmate of Ibara Correctional Centre, Femi Oso. I was told the money was paid to Oso through a PoS operator, Ayoola.

“The police had arrested Ayoola and arrested me on the allegation that I knew about the fraud and I said I knew nothing about it. When I asked Ayoola at the station why he mentioned my name, especially when I am not aware of the money, he started pleading.”

The mother of two claimed that it took almost ten days for her to be able to phone a family friend, Oluwafemi Adekunle, who arrived to get her bail along with his uncle Jide Ikumapayi.

Yet she went on to say that after being arrested, the school where she was employed as a maid fired her.

Commenting on the situation, Ikumapayi noted that while Adeosun’s arrest was regrettable, it was clear from the investigation that she was unrelated to the crime. He added that Ayoola, alongside Oso’s brother-in-law, Segun, who on behalf of his in-law, reportedly collected the N17m from the PoS operator for onward delivery to his sister who was said to still be at large, was also arrested.

“When one of our family members was an inmate at Ibara Correctional Centre, if we want to send him money, we usually sent it to the PoS operator and because the school where Adeosun works is closer to the prison, she usually assisted us in getting the money from the PoS operator to our person in prison,” he said.

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“That our person and Femi Oso were inmates. After our person completed his term in prison, he left. But because Oso, who is an inmate on death row, was aware that Adeosun usually assisted our person in collecting money from the PoS operator, he pleaded with her to assist him and occasionally she assisted whenever his family sent him money.

“So, when Ayoola, who runs the PoS shop close to the prison was arrested for the N17m fraud, he said he got to know Oso through Adeosun but refused to disclose that Adeosun knew nothing about the N17m. When we got to the police at Akure, Ayoola said it was Segun that collected the N17m from him and not Adeosun and that was how she was released on bail.”

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Ikumapayi stated that Oso was not released due to his status as a prisoner on death row and that an investigation had also been expanded to the Ibara Correctional Center to bring him in for interrogation.

But, he claimed that efforts were being made to apprehend Oso’s wife, who had fled after learning that the police were after her.

Funmi Odunlami, a spokesman for the Ondo State Police Command, verified the news and stated that the case was still under investigation.

“When I spoke with the officer in charge of the case, he indicated that it was still in progress and that he wouldn’t comment until it was through. He stated that he wanted to complete the case in order to parade those who needed to be.

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