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Motherhood: Prayer: The Foundation Of Parenting 5

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Motherhood: Prayer: The Foundation Of Parenting 5

Hello Great Mothers!
Parenting requires us to make a variety of choices at various times in our children’s lives. As kids become older, the choices get more difficult. There are many choices to be made, including ones about technology use, friends, activities, and school. Don’t do it alone; do it with others in prayer.

Parenting is a crucial aspect of our lives as mothers. By asking God for guidance in this matter, we can maintain our connection to our Creator and rely on His wisdom rather than our own. A reminder of who is in charge is provided by continuing to pray. God is still in charge, even though He might have chosen us to be our children’s parents. Asking for help from Him helps us to remain humble and to keep our lives focused, with God leading and us following. When we strive to do things our way, things could go wrong. When we try to seize the reins instead of submitting it all to God in prayer, we may find parenting challenging and 6burdensome.

Let’s use a child who is obstinate, disrespectful, or who frequently tells lies as an example. Whenever they exhibit this attitude, we mothers tend to yell at them and chastise them in various ways. They might not change their conduct as a result of this. However, when we bring them before God in prayer, He will show us the finest methods of parenting and communicating with the child as He works on them. As a result, we will be able to perceive ourselves as tools that God is using to manifest His glory on earth rather than seeing patenting as a burden.

Three alternative approaches to using prayer as the foundation of our parenting have been covered in earlier articles. I’ll explore the fourth in my next article.

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